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Linux Professional Institute Certifications:

The Linux Professional Institute is a non-profit organization that promotes the use of Linux and open-source software. They have developed a 3-level vendor neutral certification track for Linux administrators. As of 06/2010 LPI has awarded over 85,000 certifications. Their partnership with CompTIA is likely to further increase their numbers.

Editor's Notes:
LPI seems to be gaining steam in recent years and appears to be a very viable certification that is rapidly gaining respect. There are a reasonable amount of 3rd party preparation materials available unlike some of the other Linux certifications (SAIR being a good example of this).

The table below outlines the various LPIC certifications:
Certification Link Description
LPIC-1 Official Site The LPIC1 certification is for junior level Linux systems administrators and consists of 2 exams. You can take CompTIA's Linux+ and earn both certifications.
LPIC-2 Official Site The LPIC-2 certification is for intermediate level Linux systems administrators and consists of 2 exams. LPIC-1 is required as a prerequisite.
LPIC-3 Official Site The LPIC-3 certification is for senior level Linux systems administrators and consists of a choice of 2 exams from those offered. LPIC-2 is required as a prerequisite.

Useful Official Resources:
Linux Professional Institute

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