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Registering For Your Exam

Most certification exams can be booked at VUE or Prometric testing centers both of which have worldwide locations. People often ask which is better and the answer is that it doesn't really matter. You may find differences in quality between individual testing centers, however, you there is little difference overall between those administered by VUE and Prometric. Your exams can be booked online via their web sites or over the phone.

More importantly than where you take your exam is where you buy your exam voucher. You can pay full price at VUE or Prometric, or you can legally buy an exam voucher from a wholesaler. This can save quite a bit of money.

Note: Most of the major certification exams are administered through VUE and Prometric testing centers, however, some are not. In this situation, you need to check with the vendor and find out who administers their exams.

So when should you book your exam? You can book them quite a while in advance and you can cancel them ahead of time if you need to. I recommend that you book your exam when you are at about the mid-point of your studies. This will give you a deadline and keep your focused during the second half of your preparation. It is very common when people self-study to start off strong and then fade. If you let this happen, you may find that you either never take the exam or have to start all over if you let too much time lapse.

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